Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mama in the Kitchen.

I made some homemade bread the other day and took a piccy before it all got gobbled up.

It was yummy, not much lasts in my house with 5 hungry mouths to feed (all male I might add ranging from 14 to 40).

I made fairy cakes today but they vanished, they must have been magic.!!!!

Anyway we finished the bread off with a healthy salad, (olives my favorite off to get some more now).
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Mama has been busy

I have been a busy bee of late and have lots to share with you over they next few days.

Firstly the 50/50 group has taken off really well, I shared one of my wedding cake Digi's with the group and hopefully will see some people put it to good use.

Its a stamp not even listed on my store via YSD yet, but soon will be. I think I will gauge the popularity of an item based on what the craft members of the group think of it and then list it on this basis.

I already have my next image for the group in the pipeline already to be inked up.

Shall I give you a clue............................

'Who said the Easter bunny liked Chocolate????. '

Any ideas what it may be??.

You'll find out in March if your a Member.

Not a member well then contact Gina at info@yourspecialdelivery to secure your place on this fab group.
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